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  • 24.3 billion Euros in gross written premiums
  • 170 billion Euros assets under management
  • 2 billion Euros Net Banking Income
  • 1 billion Euros Pre-Tax net profit


Dear BNP Paribas Cardif partners, colleagues and friends,

Hereby we present the story of a young woman Daniela who is a daughter of our colleague Andrey working for more than 5 years with Cardif Bulgaria Branches. Actually we understood about the destiny of Dani by pure accident.

She is 37 years old, married with 8 years old daughter called Ali. In the last year and a half Dani is strongly dependent from haemodialysis which does not allow her to continue working as a pedagogue in music. The acute form of kidney failure became impoverished in the last months even Dani has been diagnosticated with this chronic kidneys' disfunction 5 years ago. In fact the disease has its first symptoms just after giving a birth of her kid in the 7th month which led the doctors to look after the reason for it.

Actually the current health system in Bulgaria does not offer a quick medical treatment in terms of transplantation as those cases are quite an amount and the young woman has to wait about 10 years to get financing from the state in case there is eventually a donor. Therefore she does not give up and together with her family they started a campaign for collecting the amount of 30 K Euro for transplantation in Turkey where is the closest hospital they could expect relative optimistic results.

There is a Facebook page which is called ‘Да помогнем на Даниела' (Let us help Daniela) where everyone could get regular information about the current amount in the accounts but also to share the appeal for help. There are also regular publications of some movies prepared by different TVs to encourage people to donate to save Dani's life. (TV 7, BNT, Nova TV).

Unfortunately even after all those efforts of the family and the friends of Daniela the amount in the account is still quite far from what's needed for a successful mission. As at the moment (according to the latest announcement on Facebook page) there is 8 K Euro already collected but the remaining amount of 22 K Euro is a huge financial need which could not be afforded from her family side (btw. even from each and every average standard belonging family in Bulgaria).

One more reason for us to take the initiative for collecting the amount is the fact that Dani's father and our colleague Andrey is going to be the donor for his daughter which makes us more strongly related to the story.

So we decided to present you a few minute's talk to Dani's family accompanied by the piano play of her daughter Ali.

Hereby we send also the account for donations:

Unicredit Bulbank

IBAN: BG88 UNCR 7000 1521 0431 67


Daniela Andreeva Avramova

Warmly thank you for supporting the cause,

Cardif Bulgaria team


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